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Have you ever as a player, parent/guardian or team coach/manager..................ourphilosophy

  • Arrived at a fixture only to discover the venue has been changed?
  • Been unsure as to whether training has been cancelled due to poor weather or field closure?
  • Experienced a breakdown in communications between your child, coach or manager purely as a result of busy lifestyle?
  • Attempted to coordinate different sporting fixtures for different children at different venues simply and smoothly?
  • Been unaware of social events organised by your child’s sporting organisation(s)?
  • Wanted to be involved with your child’s team sport, but not known who to contact or where to begin?

................. and the list goes on!!

My Sport Book is a unique communications network for sporting communities and their family and friends. My Sport Book has been designed as a secure communications channel for use by sporting players, groups and communities and also as a secure social networking site for players, families and friends. You stay in control of your family’s sporting commitments using the open forum. This facility enables smooth communication between groups and communities. By invitation only, your group blog provides access to your private information and conversations. At the same time stay in touch with the important people in your life. Share family stories, photos and videos, favourite moments, useful websites or information.


Membership is simple.....Set-up a basic profile, find or establish your group and start sharing today.

How it works?

Players – Under 13

security Basic profiles are set up by parents/guardians for the younger members. This simplistic basic player profile, by default, restricts that member to a known group organiser utilising a unique two way approval system. The secure basic profile allows younger members to stay in contact with club administrators and team management whilst also allowing them to upload photos and videos. It also allows access from relatives to stay up to date with your child’s sporting activities.

Players – Over 13

This is an open player profile and security levels are set at the discretion of the member. By default, full restrictions are applied and have to be switched off rather than switched on.

Group Organisers

After registering as a member with the site, you have full access to set up a group as a group organiser.
Members of the group decide how information is shared. Up to 3 email addresses and 3 mobile numbers can be provided for this. These can be activated or deactivated as you please.

Sporting Groups/Teams

Once group status verification is received by My Sport Book, ie. from the “parent organisation”, you can administer communications between members of your group, post blogs, upload match reports and send information through the group to your group members. Add your Club President, Secretary or Communications Officer to keep them in the loop as well.

Sporting Organisations/Clubs

MySportBook Brochure DownloadOrganisations can add groups of team managers/coaches and with one message reach all members with match reports, fixture changes, newsletters and more.
Send a match report via text message straight after the game, team members will receive it instantly and it will be on your group blog, at the same time being compiled in the club newsletter, before you arrive home.

Family and Friends

We also realise there is a need for families and friends to stay in touch with one other through groups. Do your relatives live in another state or country? Set up your own group, upload your profile, update your photos and videos and have instant access to stay in touch with the important people in your life safely and securely. Family and friends haven’t seen the new baby walk for the first time? No problem, upload the video to the group. After all, being a mum or dad is a sport on its own!


Online Store

The online store stocks items ranging from baby goods, sporting goods, fun items, memorabilia and essentials through to bulk purchases for teams, organisations and groups.

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"To stop sharing information with the site members go to security settings"
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